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Table Saw Reviews

The Best Table Saws Reviewed For 2017

In these table saw reviews, our experts reveal their Top 10 to help you find the best table saw for your needs. Build quality, ease of use, power and consumer feedback were some of the main factors taken into account. The comparison chart, reviews and article on this page will help you choose the best table saw. Whether you are looking for a portable table saw, hybrid table saw or cabinet saw, our reviews have the information you need to assist you in selecting the best table saw.

Best Table Saw Reviews


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1. Dewalt DWE 7491 RS Table Saw Review

Dewalt DWE 7491RS table saw

Dewalt DWE 7491RS Table SAW

The Dewalt DWE 7491 is one of the most popular table saws on the market today. This is due to the excellent build quality, powerful motor and the smooth, accurate cut it produces. This 10-Inch saw is powered by an 15-Amp motor that delivers sufficient power to rip easily through hardwood. This saw has a 32.5 inch rip capacity with a rack and pinion fence system for easy adjustment.
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2. Bosch 4100-09 Table Saw Review

Bosch 4100-09 table saw

Bosch 4100-09 Table Saw

The Bosch 4100-09 is on of the most sophisticated table saws around. Bosch has certainly stepped up to the plate with this saw. Still the same top notch build quality we have come to expect of Bosch with loads of new innovations and features. The design is probably one the best in the industry at the moment. The 15-Amp motor generates an impressive 4Hp.
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3. Dewalt DW 745 table saw Review

Dewalt DW 745 Table Saw

Dewalt DW 745 Table Saw

The Dewalt DW 745 is the top selling portable table saw at the moment. The true portable nature and build quality of this saw makes it a huge favorite with professionals and woodworkers. The 15-Amp high torque motor provides consistent performance to handle the tougher jobs with ease. The Dewalt rack and pinion fence rails make adjustment fast and accurate. This table saw has an 20-Inch rip capacity.
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4. Makita 2705 10-Inch table saw Review

Makita 2705 Table Saw

Makita 2705 Table saw

The Makita 2705 is a top quality table saw and received excellent reviews from the experts. This table saw has all the latest bells and whistles. Makita followed Bosch by introducing the modular blade guard system. The 15-Amp motor delivers 4800 rpm and features an electric brake. Anti-kickback pawls and riving knife/spreader makes cutting much easier.
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5. Bosch GTS 1031 Table Saw Review

Bosch GTS 1031 Table Saw

Bosch GTS 1031 Table Saw

The Bosch GTS 1031 is lightweight and very portable. A balanced one-handed carry handle makes it easy to carry this saw from site to site. The design is compact but still feature under-table storage facilities. The powerful 4.0 Hp motor operates at 5000 rpm. This unit received excellent reviews from consumers.
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6. Delta 36-6020 Portable Table Saw

Table Saw Reviews

Delta 36-6020 Table Saw

The Delta 36-620 is another portable table saw that received excellent reviews from consumers. This table saw features an easy-one-step stand for fast removal and storage. The build quality is excellent and the performance of this saw is top notch. The Delta is powered by a 120 Volt, 15-Amp motor that produces a maximum of 5,000 rpm. This is one of the new releases from Delta and is quickly becoming a favorite with carpenters and woodworkers.


7. Craftsman Evolv Table Saw

Best Table Saw

Craftsman Evolve 10″ Table saw

The Crafsman Evolv is an entry level table saw, but by no means sub standard. This 10-Inch table saw delivers good value for money and is ideal for the DIYer or the home workshop. The table top is made from stamped steel to lower production cost. This saw is powered by an 15-Amp motor that runs at 4,800 rpm. The Evolv hasn’t got the rip capacity of the other table saws we reviewed but it’s ideal for smaller work.



8. Grizzly GO715P Hybrid Table Saw

Grizzly GO715P Table Saw

Grizzly GO715P Hybrid Table Saw

The Grizzly hybrid table saw offers you the best of both contractor and cabinet style saws. The light weight of this saw makes it just as easy as a contractor saw to transport while the dust control features are similar to that of a cabinet saw. This saw is powered by an 16-Amp, 2Hp motor that produces effortless and accurate cuts. The Grizzly provides a 30-Inch rip capacity to the right and 12-Inches to the left. The easy-glide fence system works like a charm.


9. SawStop PCS31230 TGP236 Professional Cabinet Saw

Table saw reviews

SawStop PCS31230 Cabinet Saw

The Sawstop TGP236 received outstanding feedback from shop owners that purchased this saw. The build quality, operation and safety features are second to none. The high quality finish and attention to detail is striking in this saw. Tons of brute power is supplied by the 220 Volt, 3 Hp motor. The Sawstop cuts effortlessly through the hardest wood. This cabinet saw is the perfect choice for avid hobbyists and discerning professionals.


10. Shop Fox W1820 Table Saw With Extension Table

Table Saw Reviews

Shop Fox W1820 Table Saw

The Shop Fox is another table saw that provides good value for money. The high standard of build quality and ease of use are just two reasons why this machine is so highly rated by consumers. The 3Hp Leeson motor provides excellent power to this saw. By looking at the design and components used, it is clear that this saw is built to last lifetime.


How To Find The Best Table Saw For You In The Table Saw Reviews:

Our table saw reviews are designed to help you with the process of selecting a table saw. There are four main categories of table saws, and it is important to know what they are when shopping for the best table saw for your needs. Most table saws can be classified under the following categories: portable table saw; contractor saw; hybrid table saw and cabinet saw.

Portable Table Saw

The portable table saw is the smallest table saw and a favorite with professionals that move tools from site to site. The lightweight design of this saw makes it easy to transport, making life much easier for professionals like carpenters that use this machine on-site. The portable table saw perform the same basic function as any other table saw, but on a smaller scale.

Table saw reviews


To save weight, the portable table saw uses a smaller motor than hybrid and cabinet saws. This means that the portable saw is a little less powerful and also a bit noisier than the bigger saws. Most portable table saws are now equipped with 15 Amp motors. This is a big step up from older portables. The down side of the portable table saw is that it lacks the power to easily cut through thick hardwoods and that it is not designed to have the accuracy for fine woodworking.

Contractor Saws

Contractor saws should really fall in the portable saw category. These saws were originally designed to be portable units for contractors to take to job sites. The main difference is that the contractor saw has a fixed, open base as opposed to the foldable-frame base of the portable table saw. The contractor saw is designed to be affordable and portable.

Best table saw
To make the contractor saw affordable, some sacrifices are made with regards to the quality of parts used. The extension wings are often made of stamped metal and not solid cast iron. The trunnions, arbor assembly and gearing of a contractor saw are not of the same quality as on the more expensive saws.  The contractor saw is still the most affordable option for the home workshop. This saw is suitable for furniture making, carpentry, small cabinetry and trim work. When buying a contractor saw, we recommend that you look for a model with solid cast iron extension wings and a high quality fence system.

Cabinet Saws

The cabinet saw is the flagship of table saws. This saw is made to meet the needs of the professional woodworker in every way. Cabinet saws are constructed from the best materials to deliver accuracy, high prformance and durability. It is called a cabinet saw because of the “cabinet” style enclosed base. This means that the motor is enclosed, making it a lot quieter than other saws. The closed base makes dust collection much more efficient. These saws are ideal for the professional workshop where noise and dust have to be kept under control.

Best cabinet saw
To produce the high amount of power, cabinet saws use motors in the 3 Hp – 5 Hp range. These motors require a 220 Volt circuit, making the cabinet saw more suitable for the industrial workshop. Cabinet saws are much higher priced than contractor saws, but still the preferred choice of professionals and serious woodworkers. These saws produce top quality performance and durability, making them a very good investment.

Hybrid Saws

There has always been a big gap between contractor saws and cabinet saws. In recent years manufacturers realized this and the hybrid saw was born. As the name suggests, it is a hybrid or combination of the contractor saw and the cabinet saw. This saw has some of the valuable features of a cabinet saw at a price that the average woodworker can afford.  The base of the hybrid saw is enclosed like that of a cabinet saw but weighs significantly less. The hybrid is basically a scaled down version of the cabinet saw.

Hybrid table daw
Hybrid saws feature motors in the 1.5 Hp to 1.75 Hp range. The higher quality components produce the same precision as a cabinet saw while the bigger motor gives you a lot more power than a contractor saw.  Hybrids are well built and sturdy, making them a excellent choice for the serious woodworker. The price is a big plus and will suit those looking for quality and value for money.


Choosing The Best Table Saw For Your Needs

Finding the best table saw for your needs will depend on what type of applications you intend to use it for, the amount of work you plan to do and of course what your budget is. There is no need to spend tons of cash on the most expensive cabinet saw if you are going to use it for small carpentry work every fortnight. The same goes for the opposite, don’t purchase the cheapest portable saw if you are going to subject it to heavy duty work on a daily basis.

The features of the saw is just as important as choosing the right type of saw. Look at the quality of the components used, the horsepower rating of the motor and the quality of the fence system. Take a close look at the grind and finish of the top and extension wings and what system is used to drive the blade. Take the manufacturer’s reputation into account when buying. A table saw is a big investment, and the backup that the reputable manufacturers provide, give you the peace of mind in the event of a break down.

Safety is a very important part of choosing a the right model as the table saw can be a very dangerous machine. Choose a unit with good safety features. This reduces the risk of injury and is well worth the investment. Features like a modular guard system and flesh sensors are some of the latest inventions. A magnetic switch is another handy safety feature. This system prevents accidental start-ups that can cause injury.

A quick look at the blade size will inform you of the depth of cut you can expect from a particular saw. Make sure this is sufficient for the type of materials you intent to cut with the saw.

Compare the horsepower of the saws in the class you are looking at. More horsepower means easier cutting. The performance of any table saw is directly related to the horsepower of the motor.

Table Saw Reviews

Reading table saw reviews will give you a clear indication of how the table saws in a certain class are rated. This gives you the opportunity to compare the top models to find a saw that is perfect for your needs. Use our table saw comparison chart to compare products like the Dewalt DWE 7491 RS vs Bosch 4100-09 to see which model meets your needs.

Here is a video by Colin Knecht on how to use a table saw.

 How other review sites rated the top table saws

Tablesawgeeks.com: The guys at Table saw Geeks awarded the top spot to the Dewalt DWE7491RS. No arguments there as our experts rated it number 1 as well. This is one of the most popular table saws on the market at the moment due to the exceptional quality and reasonable price. Table saw Geeks awarded the second place to the Dewalt 745.  This is another popular saw from Dewalt. The 745 came in at number three in our reviews. The Bosch 4100-09 was awarded third place by Table saw Geeks. The Bosch was the runner up in our reviews as we thought it was a bit more sophisticated than the Dewalt 745.

Toptenreviews.com: Toptenreviews awarded first place to the Ridgid 4513. This saw didn’t make our top ten. After calculating all the ranking factors the Ridgid just missed out on being in our top ten. Toptenreviews awarded second place to the Dewalt DWE7491RS. The Bosch 4100-09 came in at number three.

Tablesawchoice.com: Bit of a surprise here as they awarded the first place to the Dewalt DW744XRS. We thought that the other Dewalt products performed better. They awarded second place to the Dewalt DWE7491RS. No surprises there. Tablesawchoice awarded the third place to the Bosch GTS 1031. This table saw made our top ten as well.

Buying a table saw

All the information in this article was assembled by the DIY Hubby to help you choose the best table saw for your needs. The link by each product price will send you direct to the online retailer where you can purchase the product.

Happy shopping!


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