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Drill Press Reviews

Our Best Drill Press Reviews Selected For You – 2017

Our Drill Press Reviews have been compiled by experts to help you select the best drill press. Whether you are looking for the best bench top drill press or a floor standing model, for woodworking or metalwork, our drill press reviews 2017 have the information you need to find the best drill press. Power, accuracy, reliability and consumer feedback are some of the factors that were taken into account when we rated the best drill presses.

Best drill press reviews


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1. JET 354165 JDP-15M Drill Press Review

Best rated drill press

JET 354165 JDP-15 Drill Press

The Jet 354165 is one of the best bench-top drill presses on the market today. The versatility of this drill is what sets it apart from the rest. A huge variety of non-drilling functions can be performed with this drill press. The build quality is of a very high standard.

Jet is a huge favorite with professionals and DIYers due to the reliability and quality of their products. The JDP-15M is powered by a 3/4Hp motor with 16 speed settings. A built-in work light illuminates the work area. This drill press received excellent feedback from consumers, confirming that this is a top quality product.

Key Features: 

  • Powerful 3/4 hp motor with 16 different speed settings. You can match the speed to any job.
  • 10″ x 13″ work table. Bigger than most other drill presses in this category.
  • This versatile drill press has a built-in work light to illuminate the work area.

Pros: Top build quality and reliability. Rated one of the best drill presses in 2016. Our top pick.

Cons: Not many, although there is a new model out to replace the JDP 15-M. ( JDP 15B)

Our Rating: 9/10
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2. WEN 4210 Drill Press With Laser Review

Best value for money drill press

WEN 10″ Drill Press

The Wen 4210 is a compact drill press at a very good price. The 3.2 Amp motor is strong enough to handle the day to day DIY tasks that comes its way. A great feature is the X-pattern laser, which makes precision drilling a breeze. Solidly built and good quality.

This drill press has become very popular with DIYers and woodworkers as it provides excellent value for money. The WEN was on of the best selling drill presses on Amazon in 2015. This drill press received great reviews on all the consumer feedback platforms we researched. Recommended for DIYers, woodworkers and the home workshop.

Key Features: 

  • 3.2 Amp, 110 Volt motor. Ideal for the home workshop or garage.
  • Laser guiding system. This x-pattern guiding system works beautifully for precise drilling.
  • 5 speed settings. Speed settings range from 570 rpm to 3050 rpm maximum.

Pros: Excellent value for money. This drill press is ideal for DIYers or hobbyists looking for a good, inexpensive model.

Cons: Not ideal for heavy duty work.

Our Rating: 8/10
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3.  Skil 3320-01 10 Inch Drill Press Review

Review of the Skil drill press

Skil 3302-10 Drill Press

Although the Skil 3320-01 is an entry level drill press, it is functional and precise in the areas it needs to be. We agree with most consumers that this little drill press is excellent value for money. The laser guiding system works like a charm. This drill press is ideal for the home workshop. The 3320-01 is powered by a 3.2 amp motor with five different speed settings.

The Skil 3320-01 has been the best selling bench top drill press for the past couple of years. This is due to the value for money that the Skil provides. The assembly process is quick and easy, allowing you to start working in no time at all. This drill press is recommended for the home workshop, DIYers and woodworkers.

Key Features:

  • Weight – 49.3 lbs ( One of the lightest 10 inch drill presses around.)
  • Accurate depth adjustment system for precise repetitive drilling – a must on any big project.
  • 3.2 Amp motor with 5 speed setting. Enough variety for a drill press of this size.

Pros: Very good value for money, one of the best selling bench top drill presses over the last few years.

Cons: The spindle travel can be limiting when working with longer bits and drilling deeper holes.

Our Rating: 8/10 
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4. Shop Fox W1668 Bench Top Drill Press Review

Shop Fox W1668

Shop Fox W1668 Drill Press

The Shop Fox W1668 is an easy to operate drill press with adequate power. A great added feature is that the Shop Fox converts into a sander for a wide range of sanding applications. Perfect for someone looking for a versatile drill press.

Thw W1668 is powered by a 3/4Hp motor that has 12 speed settings. This allows you to match the speed of the drill press to the task at hand. The work table can swing 360 degrees, allowing you to take on bigger projects. The Shop fox has a 13″ swing and 5/8inch chuck.

Key Features:

  • Strong, reliable 3/4 Hp motor. Enough power to tackle any drilling job you chuck at it. (pun intended..)
  • Twelve speed settings – Low speed – 250 rpm up to a maximum of 3050 rpm for fast drilling.
  • Oscillating spindle for sanding applications. This feature turns this drill press in to a versatile tool.

Pros: Easy speed changes, powerful motor and good versatility.

Cons: Shop Fox is not renowned for excellent quality control. The occasional defect can find its way to the consumer.

Our Rating: 7/10
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5.JET 354170/JDP-20MF 20″ Floor Standing Drill Press Review

Drill press reviews

JET 354170 JDP-20″ Drill Press

The JET 354170 is a top quality drill press with plenty of brute power. This drill press certainly maintain the high standard that we have become accustomed to from JET. Received excellent reviews from consumers. The Jet 20 inch drill press is designed for the serious hobbyist or professional that is looking for a top quality drill press that will handle any job with ease. This model has a 20″ swing to take on bigger tasks.

This drill press is powered by 1.5Hp motor that has enough power to take on any heavy duty drilling. The work table is an impressive 18.5″ x 16″ and is crank operated. Research showed that consumers rated this drill press higher than any other 20″ drill press.

This drill press is recommended for the professional workshop and the serious hobbyist. Top quality and performance.

Key Features: 

  • 1.5 Hp motor (115/230 Volt) with 12 speed settings.
  • 3/4 Inch chuck to take bigger drill bits for the heavy duty jobs. A must for the professional.
  • 20 Inch swing, and excellent size work table ( 18.5 inches x 16 inches)

Pros: Awesome power and torque from this Jet drill press. Ideal for heavy duty work. (Professional and hobbyist)

Cons: No center hole on work table.

Our Rating: 9/10
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6. Jet 716200 JDP 15B 15 Inch Drill Press

Analysis of the Jet 716200 drill press.

JET 716200 JDP15B Drll Press

The 716200 is the latest 15 Inch drill press from the JET factory. This model is the new version of the very successful JET 354165 JDP-15M(Our top rated drill press in this article). While improvements were made in a few areas, most of the features and specifications of the previous model were retained. The 716200 sports a brand new, modern look. This drill press has all the “right stuff”, and will certainly be one of the top selling drill presses in 2017. The JET 716200 is a top quality drill press – a full review of this model will be available after our next update.

Key Features:

  • 12.5 inch x 17 inch work table. Excellent size for a 15 Inch drill press.
  • One handed belt tension for quick speed changes. A great improvement on previous models.
  • New, safer power switch. Another big improvement on previous models.

Pros: Excellent build quality and performance, exactly what you would expect from Jet.

Cons: Assembling this drill press can be a bit challenging.

Our Rating: 9/10 
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7.Delta 18-900L 18 Inch Drill Press With Laser

Delta 18-900L drill press

Delta 18-900L Drill Press

The Delta 18-900L is powered by a 3/4 Hp induction motor to take on the most demanding applications. This drill press is a huge favorite with a lot of professionals due to the excellent accuracy and ease of use. The unique auto-tension belt drive system saves a lot of time when changing speed. The fully adjustable Twin Laser and micro-adjustable depth stop make precision drilling a breeze. This Delta drill press features a full 6-inch quill stroke for deeper drilling applications.

This drill press features micro-adjustable depth stops and an independent depth scale, allowing the user to set up for accurate, repetitive drilling in seconds. the Delta drill press is recommended for the professional and serious hobbyist.

Key Features:

  • 3/4 Hp induction motor – enough power for any kind of drilling.
  • Oversize work table – 14 Inches deep x 20 Inches wide. Designed for woodworkers.
  • 6 Inch quill stroke for deeper drilling and industrial applications.

Pros: Effective for any kind of drilling – from the smallest to the largest jobs.

Cons: Delta customer service sometimes a bit slow.

Our Rating: 8/10
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8.Craftsman 12 Inch Drill Press

Craftsman 12 Inch drill press

Craftsman 12 Inch Drill Press

There has been a lot of positive feedback on the Craftsman 12 inch drill press lately. The reduction in price makes this drill press very good value for money. This drill press is powered by a 3.5 Amp motor that delivers 1/2 Hp. The digital depth readout and cross-hair laser system ensures precise drilling and alignment.

The Craftsman features a 5/8 inch chuck and speed setting from 355 rpm to 3065 rpm. This drill press is a good buy for DIYers and woodworkers looking for a compact drill press for the bench top.

Key Features:

  • 4.8 Amp, 1/2 Hp motor – Excellent torque and power for a 12″ drill press.
  • 12 spindle speeds ranging from 335 rpm low speed to 3,065 rpm maximum speed.
  • Spindle travel on this model is 2.44 inches.

Pros: Great value for money, a solid drill press for the home shop.

Cons: Laser guiding system can be improved.

Our Rating: 7/10
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9.Rockwell RK7033 10 Inch Drill Press

Rockwell RK7033 Drill Press

Rockwell RK7033 Drill Press

The Rockwell RK 7033 is known for its excellent power and performance. This drill press is powered by a 6.2 Amp motor that delivers 2/3 Hp.  The Rockwell features a five speed gearbox that allows you to match the speed to the application it’s being used for. The work table can swivel 45 degrees to the left or right.

This drill press is perfect for the DIYer or home wood shop. Easy adjustment of the work table makes this drill press very user friendly.

Key Features: 

  • Powerful 6.2 Amp motor – One of the strongest in the 10″ drill press class.
  • Rack and pinion table height adjustment with 45 degree swivel both ways.
  • Five different speed settings.

Pros: Strong motor that will handle most drilling jobs with ease. (steel, wood and plastics)

Cons: The quill stroke is only 2 inches and can be limiting at times. Safety feature on chuck key is a bit irritating.

Our Rating: 7/10

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10. Wen 4225 15-Inch Floor Drill Press

Wen 15 Inch drill press review

Wen 4225 15 Inch Drill Press

Wen is renowned for producing excellent value for money drill presses, and the 4225 is no different. If you are looking for something bigger than the standard 10″ bench top drill press that won’t break the bank, this may be the model for you. This drill press from Wen has a 15 Inch swing and 4 Inch stroke to allow you to take on bigger jobs . The 4225 received excellent feedback from consumers and has a consumer rating of 4.4. Very good!

This drill press has a very generous sized work light that illuminates the work table very well. This model has all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a floor standing model, and it comes at a very good price.

Key Features: 

  • 8.6 Amp induction motor that produces enough power and torque to get the job done.
  • 12 Inch x 12 Inch beveling work table. ( Cast iron)
  • Variable speed from 280 rpm to 1,000 rpm or 1,000 rpm to 3,300 rpm. Digital rpm readout.

Pros: Great value for money. Reliable floor standing drill press that won’t break the bank.

Cons: It can be a bit tricky to align the laser guide. Once you get the hang of it, it should be no problem to get the alignment spot on.

Our Rating: 8.5/10 

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11. Powermatic PM2800B 18″ Floor Standing Drill Press.

Powermatic drill press analysis

Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press

The Powermatic PM 2800 was designed specifically for the woodwork shop. A lot of thought has cone in to designing this drill press. The aim was to create the ultimate experience for the woodworker, and Powermatic achieved just that with this model.

The 2800B is a real pleasure to use, and should be at the top of the list of anyone looking for a quality drill press for the workshop. The mechanical variable speed system is a great addition and makes for hassle free speed changes.

Key Features:

  • No belt changes with mechanical variable speed system.
  • 6 Inches of quill travel. Excellent for taking on bigger drilling jobs.
  • Features a fence system similar to a table saw. This allows for accurate alignment of work piece.

Pros: Great innovation and design with plenty of power to get the job done. Great addition to any wood shop.

Cons: Not impressed with the fence system.

Our Rating: 8/10
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Drill Press Price Comparison Table

Drill PressOur RatingPrice
Jet drill press price comparison
Top quality and performance
Over $300
Wen 4210
Wen drill press price comparison
Excellent value
Under $300
Skil 3320-01
Skil drill press price comparison
Good value
Under $300
Shop Fox W1668
Shop Fox drill press price comparison
Strong & Reliable
Over $300
Jet JDP 20"
Jet drill press price comparison
Top Quality
Over $800
Jet 15B price comparison
New Model
Over $300
Delta 18-900L
Delta drill press comparison
Powerful, reliable
Over $800
Craftsman 12"
Crafsman drill press price comparison
Good value
Under $300
Rockwell 10"
Rockwell drill press price comparison
Good Performance
Under $300


Best Drill Presses Under $300

  1.  WEN 4214 12 Inch drill press – Excellent value for money and one of the best consumer ratings.
  2. Craftsman 12 Inch drill press – Another drill press that received great feedback from consumers.
  3. WEN 4210 10 Inch drill press – This is our pick for best value for money drill press.
  4.  Skil 3320-01 10 Inch drill press – One of the best selling bench top models over the last few years.
  5. Rockwell RK 7033 10 Inch drill press – Powerful, solid and reliable. A favorite with lots of DIYers.

Our list of the best drill presses under $300


  How To Find the Best Drill Press in the drill press reviews

Most serious DIYers and woodworkers will tell you that a drill press is a must-have. A drill press is a very handy tool to have in the tool shed, workshop or garage. It is similar to a hand held drill but provide more accuracy and power. There are many different types of drill presses available on the market today. To help you find the right drill press for your needs, we have listed some of the factors you should consider.
What type of drill press?
First you need to decide whether you need a floor-standing or bench-top drill press. If you are going to use it for large projects and have the floor space available, the floor model will suit you better. A bench-top is compact, lighter than the floor model and will handle most DIY jobs with ease.
The power a drill press produce is measured in Horsepower(Hp). This is a very important factor when choosing the right drill press for your needs. If you are going to use it for light DIY work only, you probably just need a 1/3 hp-1/2 hp motor. Bigger jobs will require a bigger motor.
When shopping for a drill press you will note that they are listed as 8 inch,10 inch,12 inch and so on. This is the size of the drill press and determine the size of object you can work with. The size of a drill press is actually measured by its “throat capacity” This is the distance between the column and the center of the chuck. A drill press with a 5 inch throat capacity will drill a hole in the center of a 10 inch diameter disc and is called a 10 inch drill press. In other words the size of the drill press is the distance between the center of the chuck and the column, times two. Make sure the drill press you buy is big enough for your needs.
When working with wood a high spindle speed is required, while working with metal requires a lower spindle speed. If you are going to be working with both materials, make sure the speed can be adjusted on the drill press you buy. Most drill presses these days have 5 or more speed settings.

Best Drill Press for the money

Spindle travel
The spindle travel is how far the spindle will go down in one sweep. This will also determine the depth of hole that can be drilled with one go. A good tip is to look for a drill press with an adjustable depth stop. This will help to ensure that you drill holes to a precise depth every time.
Work Table
It is important to be able to adjust the work table on a drill press. Make sure the work table can adjust up and down and tilt to the sides. This is a necessity when drilling at various angles.
One of the benefits of a drill press is that it allows you to drill accurately and precise. Some models take accuracy to the next level with laser guiding systems. This is a great feature and makes lining up the holes very easy.
Never buy a power tool without a warranty. Make sure you get at least a year warranty on your purchase.   By using the information in this article and reading our drill press reviews,  you will be able to choose a drill press that suits your specific needs.

What Is The Best Value For Money Drill Press?

To Get the best value from your drill press, you need to choose your machine wisely. There is no need to overspend on a drill press if you are not going to use it that frequently. If you are going to use it on a regular basis for all kinds of drilling, then it would be wise to buy a decent drill press that can take the punishment.

Here is a Video by Steve Ramsey on drill press basics:

What other review sites think is the best drill press:

Bestreviews.com: Best reviews awarded the first place to the Delta 18-900L. The Delta is a good quality drill press and a favorite with a lot of professionals. It just missed out on being in our top five after all the ranking factors were considered. Bestreviews awarded second place to the Jet 15 Inch. This was our top choice. The Jet offers top quality and performance at a very competitive price. Bestreviews awarded the best value for money prize to the Skil 10 Inch drill press. The Skil used to be our pick for best value for money drill press, but after the recent price increase, we opted for the WEN 10″ as our pick.

Thoroughlyreviewed.com: The guys at thoroughly reviewed awarded the top spot to the Jet 12 Inch drill press. We chose to review the 15 Inch Jet instead of the 12 Inch. Just like the Jet 15 Inch, the Jet 12 Inch is probably the best in it’s class. They awarded second place to the Rockwell RK 7033. This drill press made our top ten as well, but did not manage to rank in our top five drill press reviews.

Drillpressselect: The team at Drillpressselect awarded the top prize to the Wen 4208 8″ drill press. This drill press made our top 5 as it provides excellent value for money. However, we felt that the Wen 10″ was a better choice for DIYers and woodworkers. They awarded the second place to the Skil 3320. This was our choice for the best value for money drill press. Drillpress select awarded third place to the Jet 354165 15 inch drill press. This drill press was our choice as best drill press. The Jet 15 inch received the highest rating from consumers on various feedback platforms. The build quality and performance of the Jet is second to none.

Drill Press Reviews:

This article was created by The DIY Hubby to help you find the best drill press for your needs by providing all the information needed to make your choice. The link by each product price will send you directly to the online retailer where you can purchase the product. Our drill press reviews allow you to compare the specifications of the various drill presses and check consumer feedback on the product. Extensive research on consumer feedback helped us to provide all the information in our drill press reviews. This information will definitely help you in the search for a drill press.

Buying tips to find the best drill press:

Brand matters! The bigger brands spend loads of money on research and development and therefore produce better quality tools. The well known brands also offer good warranties to back their products. Some brands aim more at the DIY market while others aim to produce tools for professionals. We provide this information in every review to help you find the best drill press.

Power, accuracy and reliability are the main features to look for in a drill press. The drill presses reviewed on this page are the best performers in their respective classes. A drill press needs enough power to drill through the material you want it to without stalling. Make sure that the model you choose has enough power for the applications you intend to use it for.

When it comes to accurate drilling, most professionals and DIYers opt for a drill press. The term to look out for is “run out”. This is how much movement or wobble is measured at the drill bit when drilling. Good drill presses have minimal run out while poor quality models tend to have more run out. This will obviously affect the accuracy and quality of the drilling.

Benchtop drill press or floor standing drill press? For most DIYers a benchtop drill press will be more than enough to get the job done. Most bench top models have a swing of between 10″ and 15″. This is big enough to cater for most jobs the DIYer might encounter. Another plus point is that a bench top model doesn’t take up any floor space. For the serious woodworker or hobbyist, a floor standing model may be more practical.

Drill press accessories you will need to start drilling.

Drill Bits:

Drill bits are the most important component in the drilling process. The quality of the holes drilled and how easy it is to drill those holes, depends largely on the quality of the drill bits used in the process. Always buy the best drill bits you can afford, this will save you hours of frustration in the future. Better quality bits last longer and will stay sharper for longer. Here are some of the different types of drill bits:

Drill press accessories you need to start drilling.Steel bits: Good for softer materials, but loose their cutting ability when used for long periods on harder materials.

High speed steel bits: These bits have gone through a hardening process in manufacturing, producing a bit that stays sharper for longer and resists heat better than normal steel bits.

Cobalt drill bits: Even harder than high speed steel bits, these drill bits are made to disperse heat quickly, a necessity when drilling in to hard materials. Commonly used to drill in to super hard materials like stainless steel.

Titanium – coated high speed steel bits: The titanium coating on these drill bits produces less friction during the drilling process, which makes it tougher and longer lasting than the normal high speed steel bits.

Carbide tipped drill bits: This type of drill bit is normally used to drill in to masonry and tile. They are harder than high speed steel and titanium coated steel bits, and therefore stay sharper for longer.

Drill Press Vice

What is a drill press vice? A drill press vice is bolted on to your drill press work table to clamp and secure the work piece. This accessory is not a must-have, and you can certainly use your drill press without it, but if precision drilling is the reason why you purchased a drill press, you may want to invest in a drill press vice.

There are loads of different types of drill press vises to choose from and it all comes down to personal preference. The only main consideration is the size of the work table of your drill press. The vice has to fit on your work table to be efficient.

We sure hope that our drill press reviews will help you in the search for the best drill press.

Happy Shopping!


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