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Professional Wireless home Security System PS03-M

The PiSector PS03-M home security system is an upgrade from the old PS02 model. The basic function of the system is still the same with some features added and updated. Some of the new features are quite handy and include door/window open remind. This reminds you when you leave the house that you have left a door or window open. The chime feature alert you when someone is leaving or entering your home. The volume of the system is now adjustable and can be muted to make it more difficult for intruders to find the control panel.

The PS03-M operate as a basic alarm system with inside alarm and outside siren. Motion detectors will detect movement and alert you. Window and door contacts detects any entry through windows and doors and will trigger the alarm.

The system features an auto-dial function that can dial and alert up to six telephone numbers in case of a security breach. This is very helpful when you are out and your phone is switched off or you are not near your phone.

The PS03-M has a smart micro-processor that controls the motion sensors. The micro-processor will only detect objects over 50lbs and will make an intelligent decision to decide whether it’s a pet or human. This keeps false alarms to the minimum. In case of a power outage, the system will switch to the backup battery and give you a call to alert you of the power outage.

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What’s in the box:

  • 1x main control panel
  • 3x remote controllers
  • 3x intelligent motion sensors
  • 10x door/window contact sensors
  • 1x wired indoor siren
  • 1x wireless outdoor siren
  • 1x panic button
  • 2x PiSector window stickers
  • 1x PiSector yard sign

The Reviews:

When we researched consumer reviews on the PiSector PS03-M, we found a lot of good reviews. Customers on Amazon rated this system at an average of 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 stars. However, a bit more research revealed that these reviews could be biased and distorted. We found that PiSector reward customers with a free sensor in exchange for a five star review on Amazon. We feel that this is not fair play to the consumer out there and gives a false reflection of a product.

This inspired us to look only at reviews that are not 5 star ratings and a different picture quickly emerged. Consumers feel that this system is cheap and does not compare with other system in this class. Reports of intermittent operation are common and users say that the installation process is not as easy as the company make it out to be. The double sided tape that secures the sensors is of very poor quality resulting in the sensors falling off the wall in a matter of days.

Having said all that, we did find the odd review that is not a 5 star rating where the customer is perfectly happy with the product.

The Verdict:

Not up to the standard of the other security systems in this class.

Professional Wireless Home Security System PS03-M
Professional Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit with Auto Dial PS03-M Check Price


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