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Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Palm Grip 5.6 Amp 1-Hp Fixed-Base Variable-Speed Router With Edge Guide

Bosch Router


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The Bosch PR20EVSK Colt is a popular router with the average DIY enthusiast. This compact and lightweight  machine is designed for numerous light-duty applications. Power is delivered by a 1.0 horsepower/ 5.6 amp motor that spins at variable speeds of 16,000rpm to 35,000rpm.

The soft start works well to reduce the torque at start-up. Depth adjustment is simple and even the micro fine settings doesn’t require a lot of effort. The collet accepts standard ¼-inch bits. This is a user friendly tool that offers simple, straightforward operation. The motor housing has a palm-shaped, rubber over-moulded grip that allows for stable, one handed use.

Weighing in at around three pounds, the Bosch palm grip router is a versatile tool. It’s not just a laminate trimmer, but is ideal for trimming deck planks, hinge mortising, slot cutting, dovetailing, window cut-outs and decorative inlays.

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Product Features and Specifications

  • Motor: 1.0 Hp/ 5.6 Amp
  • Speed: Variable (16,000rpm-35,000rpm)
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Soft Start feature
  • ¼ inch self-releasing collet
  • Constant response circuit to maintain speed under load
  • Straight edge guide
  • Shaft wrenches included
  • Front spindle lock on motor
  • 1 Year Warranty

The Reviews

When we researched the Bosch PR20EVSK we found that this router is a favourite with a lot of DIYers. Amazon customers gave the Bosch an average rating of 4.1 stars out of a possible 5 stars. Consumers that use this router for light duty work are satisfied with what it has to offer.

Users like the fact that is has 1 horsepower in such a small tool. Customers found this router easy to use and changing bits didn’t present any problems. One customer said: “ This is a very handy little router that I use a lot. It saves me lots of time and effort. Runs great, works great too!”

We saw some complaints about the angle of the bit not being spot on 90 degrees after locked in. This is a case of not reading the instruction manual properly. When doing it according to the manual, it was spot on 90 degrees every time.


Very handy little router. Would not recommend it for heavy duty use.

Bosch PR20EV Colt Palm Grip 1-Hp fixed base router
Bosch PR20EVSK Colt Palm Grip 5.6 Amp 1-Horsepower Fixed-Base Variable-Speed Router with Edge Guide Check Price


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