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Combo Kit Reviews

combo kit reviews

Buying a Cordless Combo Kit

More and more DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen are opting to buy a combo kit when they buy cordless power tools. There are three main advantages to buying a combo kit instead of buying each tool individually.

Price: When purchasing a combo kit you will find that you pay much less than buying the tools separately.

Batteries: Another advantage is that combo kits come with two batteries. This lets you either work with two tools at the same time or work with one battery while the other is on charge, reducing down-time.

Storage: Combo kits come with a carry case. This is very helpful when moving around from site to site.

What type of tools do you get in a combo kit?

There are two main types of combo kits that a buyer will encounter in a shop or online.

Drill combo kit: This kit normally consists of a drill/driver and an impact driver. The drill is used for drilling and light driving work like screws into dry wall.  The impact driver has more torque and is used for fastening applications. Some manufacturers add a flashlight to round off the kit.

Cordless combo kit: This kit consists of a few different cordless tools. There are normally between three and nine tools in a cordless combo kit. The following tools usually feature in cordless combo kits: Drill/driver, circular saw, hammer drill, impact wrench, impact driver, jig saw, reciprocating saw, rotary tool, miter saw, radio and flashlight.

There are dozens of different combo kits the buyer can choose from. Choosing the right one for you will take some consideration.

What to look for

When looking for a combo kit to buy, start with the two tools that you will use the most and look for a combo kits that feature these tools. From there it is personal preference, taking your long term goals into consideration. Think of what tools you may need for future projects. Keeping this information in mind you can go ahead and compare combo kits.

When you find a combo kit with the tools that you want, look at other brands to see if they offer the same tools in a combo kit. Compare the different brands by looking at price, quality, power and warranty.


When comparing prices it’s not necessarily the cheapest kit that is the best value. Look at the individual prices of the tools in that particular kit and calculate how much you save by buying them in a combo kit. Also look at what additional items are included in the kit like blades, belt clips, drill bits ect.


The quality of the tools is very important. You don’t want to spend a ton of cash on a combo kit with tools of inferior quality that will be in the trash before  the year is over. Stick to the better known brands and read the reviews on that kit to find out what consumers say about the quality of the product. In our review pages we have done all the research work for you.


Make sure the power tools you buy have enough power for the jobs you plan to take on. For the average DIYer that does the occasional light duty work around the house, a 12 Volt kit will be sufficient. If you need a bit more from your power tools, you should invest in an 18 Volt kit. Compare the power output of the different tools (measured in Unit Watts ) to find the right tools for your needs.


Never buy power tools without a warranty. A good warranty normally indicates a good power tool.


By keeping in mind the factors in this article, and reading the cordless combo kit reviews  you can find the best combo kit, save some money and tackle all your DIY jobs with confidence!



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Dewalt DCK422KA_thumbMilwaukee 2691-22_thumbBlack-and-Decker BDCD2204Kit_thumbMakita LCT209W_thumb
Dewalt DCK422KA 18Volt NiCad Cordless 4-Tool Combo KitMilwaukee 2691-22 18Volt Compact Drill and Impact Driver Combo KitBlack&Decker BDCD2204 20Volt Max Li-ion 4-Tool Combo KitMakita LCT209W 12Volt Max Li-ion 2-Piece Combo Kit

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