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DIY Safety

10 Power Tool Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Power tools are indispensable for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. They  make the job easier and can save huge amounts of time. However, extreme care has to be taken when working with power tools as mishaps can lead to serious injury. By...

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Easy Ways To Improve Your Home Workshop Safety.

Ways to improve workshop safety

The home workshop is the DIY enthusiast's palace and this is where a lot of work gets done. Hours are spent drilling, grinding and welding for all kinds of fixing and building jobs. Unfortunately most of us have the same mindset when...

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Safety Tips When Using Step Ladders

Step ladders are an important part of a professional or DIYer's equipment. It allows us to reach high areas to carry out work, get on to rooftops and can be used in the garden for cutting branches and pruning. Most people agree...

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