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10 Cool Gadgets For The Patio and Garden

We all love gadgets that make our lives a little easier. High-Tech gadgets are becoming more popular not only inside our homes, but outdoors as well. Many of these gadgets are very useful when it comes to outdoor entertaining and gardening chores. In this article we list 10 cool gadgets for your patio and garden that are trending at the moment.

1. Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

propane fire pit

Create the perfect atmosphere when entertaining on the patio or in the garden! There’s has always been something magical about socializing around an open fire, and this cool gadget allows you to do that without the mess or fuss. No need for wood, charcoal or fire lighters, and the clean-burning propane eliminates the need for you to do the usual smoke-avoiding moves.

Heininger Outdoor Fire Pit: See price on  Amazon


2. Grill Cleaning Robot

grill cleaning robot

If you are like me – love cooking on the BBQ, but hate cleaning it, this clever gadget is maybe for you. The grill cleaning robot will do the unpleasant chore of cleaning the grill at the push of a button. The Grillbot is programmed to roam independently around your grill, while you prepare the food or sip on your beer. Three steel brushes do all the cleaning, leaving you to focus on the more important stuff.

The Grillbot GBU 101: See price on  Amazon


3. Bluetooth Grill Thermometer

bbq meat thermomoter

Cook your meat perfectly every time without spending all your time at the grill. The iGrill 2 sends messages to your phone to alert you when your food is cooked to the required specifications. You can now be in total control of the BBQ from up to 150 feet away. This device is capable of monitoring four different temperatures at any time, using preset or custom temperature settings.

The iGrill 2: See price on Amazon


4. Robotic Lawn Mower

Robotic mower

Why spend your Saturday afternoons mowing the lawn when a robot will do the job for you? This little gadget will happily take over the most boring chore in the history of gardening. Once set up and programmed, the Robomow needs no help to keep your lawn beautifully manicured. Cool features like child-lock, remote control and theft-lock put you in total control of Robomow.

Robomow RM 510  : See price on Amazon

5. Outdoor Lantern Speaker(Wireless)

wireless speaker

Take your music wherever you go! This wireless speaker has a range of 150 feet from the transmitter, allowing you the freedom to move the music with you indoors and outdoors. Multiple devices can be connected to the transmitter, making it ideal for outdoor entertainment. Music from your phone, tablet or MP3 can be played on the AR portable wireless speaker.

Acoustic Research Wireless Speaker: See price on Amazon

6. Automated Irrigation System

rainmachine irrigation controller

The RainMachine sprinkler control system automatically adjusts the watering of your garden according to the weather, saving you water and protecting your plants. This clever gadget connects via wifi and gets constant weather updates from the most reliable sources available. It even keeps record of weather and watering history to fall back on in the event of no data being available.

The RainMachine HD-16 Smart WiFi irrigation controller: See price on Amazon

7. Garden Solar Lights

playbulb solar lights

Light up the night! ‘Wow’ your dinner guests with an awesome light display from the Playbulb solar garden lights. These LED solar lights can be controlled from your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to easily change display and color. Playbulb lights can be used on the table top or in the ground.

PlayBulb Solar Smart LED light: See price on  Amazon

8.  Mosquito Repelling Flameless Torch


mosquito repelling torch

This cool flameless torch quietly repels mosquitos and other flying insects, making outdoor entertaining much more enjoyable. The adjustable pole makes it easy to convert from stand light to table top light. The ThermaCell Torch has a 225 square feet protection zone.

ThermaCell Flameless Mosquito Repelling Torch: See price on Amazon

9. Electric Patio Umbrella Heater

Umbrella heater

With this cool gadget there is no need to move the party inside when the temperature drops. The AZ umbrella heater will keep you and your friends warm while socializing outdoors. This heater is designed to work with patio umbrellas and parasols. The AZ heater has a total output of 1500 Watts that is fully adjustable to find the perfect temperature. It can heat up 15 square feet in radius.

AZ Umbrella Heater: See price on Amazon

10. Deluxe Grilling Table

deluxe grilling table

The deluxe grilling table is an excellent option for someone with a small patio area. The table folds down easily and can be stored away in seconds. It comes with a carry case, making it just as handy to go camping or  for picnics in the park. The Camco grilling table provides plenty of space for storage and preparing food.

Camco Deluxe Grilling Table: See price on Amazon

cool gadgets for the patio and garden

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